Cloud Services

Cloud Services

To manage the changes brought about by exceptionally dynamic and unpredictable forces in the competitive environment, digital transformation requires that a company’s resources are aligned with its strategies.

Cloud computing is the perfect solution to handle this requirement.

‘Flexible IT’ enables innovations in business models, rapid go-to-market (GTM) capabilities, availability of’ services that can be built on top of the products, elasticity to adapt to changes, and the ability to ’experiment and fail fast’. In addition, it optimizes the performance of operations and applications continually, at a cost that scales with growth.

Cloud—the future of delivering applications—helps organizations to offer a better customer experience and improve business process performance, while decreasing information risk and minimizing costly delays.

Hexaware’s cloud services are an innovative and comprehensive set of services to assess, migrate, modernize, and integrate application landscapes for cloud environments.

Hexaware enables organizations to enhance their infrastructure and applications by introducing automation and utilizing hybrid cloud services.


Cloud Advisory Services

We begin our advisory services by understanding your business and your environment, and assessing which applications can benefit by moving to the cloud.

We help you to:

  • Create the right business case for the cloud
  • Select the right service provider
  • Choose the right migration strategy for each application.

We then create a taxonomy of the applications, classifying them into groups such as Retire, Replace, Remediate, Enhance, Migrate, Consolidate, Sustain and Re-platform, and prepare a migration strategy.

 SaaS Transformation Services

Using our internal Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, we offer a complete, end-to-end solution to transform your existing applications into SaaS.

Our SaaS framework provides all the essential and critical components (which include metering, multi-tenancy, security, elasticity and self-provisioning) to convert your application to SaaS, thereby providing cost benefits and saving many years of reengineering effort.

Cloud Migration Services

Our proprietary migration framework, based on the factory mode, moves the applications to the cloud. We use the cloud strategy devised by the cloud advisory services to create a cloud migration plan, design the cloud environment, execute the migration and also manage the environment.

Cloud Integration Services

We optimize your environment by providing a comprehensive integration strategy through cloud integration. Our cloud integration services employ best practices and frameworks for integrating cloud applications with the on-premise applications.

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