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Imagine your tennis rackets intelligently aiding your stroke making through use of sensors that track ball-speed, spin, impact location and other aspects; sensing and monitoring emotions, through data acquisition from physiological variables for proactive alerts; customers being able to 3D print a product they see on a website by just a click of the mouse; diagnosing rare disorders and curing fatal tumours by sequencing tens of millions of human genomes; safe and efficient energy delivered to you through smart grids that can identify and correct high risk segments, losses, overload, and utility fraud!

This is a future made possible by digitalization. With everything around us getting datafied, our words, moods, location, relationships, experiences, physical activities, sleep patterns, the digital universe is expanding at the rate of 40% every year. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to unlock value from this huge data deluge through analytics. In the digital world, leaders and laggards in any industry will be differentiated by their ability to choose the right technologies to aggregate, discover, and analyse data, and use it to predict and prescribe actionable insights, therefore, embedding analytics as an integral part of the enterprise fabric.

Today as the world is moving on from the ’24-hour economy’ to the ‘experience economy’, customer experience is taking centre-stage and zero tolerance to failure is becoming the new norm. Enterprises need to reinvent their business strategies, embrace new disruptive technologies and solidify the data foundation to succeed in the digital world. While the confluence of technologies such as hyper-hybrid cloud, gamification, enterprise mobility, social collaboration platforms, robotics, IoT, cognitive computing, augmented reality, 3D printing, accelerate digitalization, data is and will remain the lifeblood of digitalization. Hence, the data2digitalTM journey begins and ends with data.

The digital transformation, however, is easier said than done. For many enterprises, this represents significant changes to their current operations and systems landscape. As a result, enterprises often adopt a two-pronged strategy; one to guarantee stability and another focused on change. This gives rise to new organizational priorities ranging from making functional silos collaborate, to reskilling IT and reorganizing projects to continuously demonstrate value to the C-suite. To proactively address this situation, enterprises are creating a Chief Data Officer (CDO) portfolio to drive the data2digital transformation.

Data Level

CDOs are under pressure to understand their current data landscape, and to identify quickly the data priorities for the future, in-line with the enterprise digital vision. While data protection is a common concern for all CDOs, those in BFSI sector may be more concerned about data standardization and upkeep for better compliance, while CDOs from Airlines, Hospitality industries may be keen on data enrichment for greater personalization, and CDOs in Retail or Telecom may look to monetize existing data.


Hexaware is partner-of-choice for the CDOs in the data2digitalTM journey to transform information systems from management decision-support systems to analytical engines powering the Digital Enterprise. Hexaware BI&A offerings help an enterprise to strengthen its data management, and deliver timely and impactful business analytics by effectively leveraging disruptive technologies. Our differentiated offerings encompass a comprehensive range of services backed by industry-focussed analytics solutions and best-in-class technology platforms.

Key Focus Area

To accelerate data2digitalTM transformation, we bring together innovative products, operating and business models that our customers can leverage. We also nurture niche startups as an integral part of our solution ecosystem to continuously develop accelerators that significantly reduce time to market for our digital solutions.

Developing talent for the digital world is the number one priority and a key differentiator for us. As a result, continuous learning and development is an integral part of our strategy to drive growth. Our decision sciences lab and the expert data science community are being leveraged by our customers to collaborate on Proof of Concepts that help validate innovative solutions, and build reference architectures for scalable implementations.