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Back Office Capabilities

Financial firms are re-evaluating back office operations strategies to reduce the unit cost processing and defining models to meet the transparency mandated by regulators. Firms are investing energy evaluating – how the financial instruments are priced, transaction are accounted and information is aggregated and presented with more complex instruments falling into their arsenals.

As a response to these business drivers, firms have initiated major IT programs:

  • One platform for funds and separately managed accounts with multi-currency ability
  • Single books of record for position keeping and fund accounting
  • IM’s more outsourcing to custodians
  • Custodians investing heavily in defining core platform for faster client on-boarding
  • Rigorous cleansing and verifying of operations data for faster delivery to downstream; risk and regulatory applications
  • Analytics and reporting architecture to get the data faster to customers in a timely and more customized way

Hexaware has set up a dedicated business practice for addressing the needs of these initiatives and have developed IP’s and implemented multiple IT solutions providing tangible business benefits.

We provide domain led IT services and cover full spectrum of back office domain areas -

Asset ReportingAsset AdministrationAsset Processing
  • Investment Accounting
  • Reporting and Valuation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting
  • Trade Execution Analysis
  • Fund Accounting
  • Fund Administration
  • Transfer Agency
  • Trust Administration
  • Securities Lending
  • Derivatives Processing
  • Collateral Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Tax Reclamation
  • Reconciliation

We have dedicated competency center in multiple 3rd party products and cover enter spectrum of services on these industry solutions like Eagle STAR, Thompson PORTIA, MultiFonds, CAMRA and Smartstream TLM

Through our long standing relationship and strong convictions about intelligent business practices, we have successfully concluded high value services in capital market back office space including:

  • IT transformation services to create next generation IT infrastructure aligned to business needs
  • Evaluate, Implement and service packaged application like Eagle STAR, Portia and others
  • Platform migration, consolidation and modernization
  • Independent validation and application support and maintenance

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